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Supporting equality in Thai society

LUSH Thailand Releases Equality Soap to Support Equality in Thai Society.

Because everyone should have equal rights in our society
Because everyone should have equal rights in our society

“We at LUSH believe in equal rights and opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, race, and background.”

This June 2024, LUSH Thailand embarks on a significant journey 2024 by launching the 'Equality Soap' campaign to support equality and diversity in gender. At LUSH, we believe in equal rights and opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, race, or background. As a campaigning company, known for its handmade cosmetics using fresh natural ingredients, we have consistently campaigned to support human rights, animal welfare, and the environment, which are at the core of the brand's values and ethics.

For the 'Equality Soap' campaign, the main product is our red heart-shaped handmade soap made from fresh ingredients. One hundred percent of the purchase of Equality Soap, minus government taxes, will support various charitable organisations, including establishing a fund to support education for underprivileged children in Thailand. It will be launched in June 2024 to support and celebrate Pride Month, aiming to promote diversity and equality in Thai society, and we hope that this campaign will help raise more awareness in various sectors about diversity and equality. Our aim for this campaign is to be one of the symbols of hope and unity of people. LUSH Thailand hopes that this campaign will further raise awareness about these important issues. This campaign is not just about introducing this special edition product available at LUSH Thailand stores and online platforms during this period, but also a symbol of equality in society, reflecting the brand's belief that everyone should have the freedom to be themselves and travel to different places. At LUSH, we always celebrate individuality, self-love and the freedom of being oneself.   “All are Welcome. Always.”  will always be what we believe in.

In addition, LUSH Thailand has collaborated with and supported various organizations through the Equality campaign as follows:

1. SWING-Service Workers in Group Foundation: A non-profit foundation aimed at helping male and female sex workers improve their lives by providing knowledge on health care, education, laws, and many other aspects.

2. Foundation for SOGI Rights and Justice (FOR-SOGI): This foundation provides consultation and assistance to LGBTQIAN+ individuals who face discrimination based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. This includes supporting diverse same-sex families, name changes, military service criteria for transgender people, and healthcare services.

3. Thai Transgender Alliance (ThaiTGA): This organization aims to improve the quality of life for transgender individuals in Thai society. It advocates for the implementation of the Gender Identity, Gender Expression, And Sex Characteristics Act. B.E. 256x (GEN-ACT), which covers recognition of gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics.

The key ingredients for the Equality soap include Red Rose Petal Infusion, ethically sourced Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter from communities in Peru, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and Sicilian Lemon Oil. Additionally, apart from being freshly made, it's also a naked product, which aligns with our brand's mission to make the world greener under our founder's vision of "Leaving the World LUSHER Than We Found It."

**This is not a paid partnership campaign, all work collaborations are to support 3 organisations (SWING, For SOGI, and ThaiTGA) only.**

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