Moringa Oil

Moringa pterygosperma

The miracle plant
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Moringa oil is light and antioxidant rich, obtained by pressing the moringa seeds. Often referred to as ‘the miracle plant’, moringa is a medicinal species that is used to treat malnutrition in many African countries.



Moringa is a pioneer species and is often used to bring soil fertility back to barren land, as well as having incredible benefits for the skin. Powdered moringa leaf is considered a superfood.

Moringa is grown on 24 acres of land chosen outside of Techiman, Ghana. This land had not previously been able to grow produce successfully; and is now successfully growing within a species-rich food forest and training site.

Once seeds are pressed to produce a light and antioxidant-rich oil, moringa is used in lotions, skin, and hair care. It offers great hydrating benefits whilst retaining a light, delicate yet rich moistursation.

Moringa Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Moringa Oil can be found in these products
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