Japan Wax

Rhus succedanea

Emollient, thickening and protective
Products with this ingredient

As all waxes, Japan wax creates a protective layer and adds shine and luster to skin and hair.



Japan wax is a vegetable wax made from the berries and stems of the Rhus succedanea tree. First, a decoction is being made, then the paste is left under the sun to dry and blanch.

Japan wax is very special as it contains only 5% of fatty acid, resulting in more viscosity than other waxes. It thickens formulas, as well as it gives a nice, malleable texture to the blend.

This product has been used by sumo wrestlers and geishas for centuries, to shape and maintain their hairstyle. It is frequently used nowadays in hair care products for the same reason.

Japan Wax can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Japan Wax can be found in these products
Hand Scrub
Take hands to paradise
695.00 THB
Lip Balm
Quenched and lickable lips
495.00 THB
Face And Body Scrub
Scrub up well
725.00 THB
Styling Cream
Get firm with your hair
585.00 THB