Plastic Free Shampoo: Love is in the Hair

In 2019 LUSH sold 6.6 million shampoo bars saving over 19 million shampoo bottles ending up in landfills!

Small but perfectly formed, our solid shampoo bars can last up to 80 washes, replacing the need to buy three bottles of liquid shampoo.

Invented at Cosmetics to Go, “Shampoo bars were one of the first patents that we ever achieved,” explains Mo Constantine. “Working with Cosmetic Chemist Stan Krysztal, we developed the idea of pressing shampoo needles and then adding in active ingredients for different uses on the hair.”

Stan Krysztal - Hard at work


In fact, we love being ahead of the crowd so much, we created a piece of packaging that quite literally fights climate change. Our cork pots remove more carbon from the environment than they produce, with each one eliminating 1.2kg of CO2e from the atmosphere.


Originally named INASIA bars, back then we used to wrap shampoo bars in foil, but nowadays at Lush we like them naked!

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How To Use: Shampoo Bars | Lush

How To Use: Shampoo Bars
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