Our Campaigns

Everyone knows that feeling of how impossible it is to live life without looking around you and seeing things that you want changed or done better.

At Lush we are no different and what’s more, now that we are trading in 50 countries and buying ingredients from all around the world, we get to see a lot of what is going on out there, meet a lot of interesting and concerned people and discover amazing campaigners who are dedicating their efforts to trying to make things better for all of us. It was therefore a no-brainer to us that we needed to use our shops and our business to highlight some of these issues, to help the campaigners and to connect with our customers who share these same concerns.

We campaign on many issues around human rights, animal protection and preserving the environment. 

Using our business for good is the motivating force for many Lush people right across all areas of our company and is something that we are sincere and passionate about.

Ideas for campaigns come not only from external sources, eg the news or what is going on in the world, but also from Lush people. Everybody believes in something and it's great when we can all get behind issues that are important to Lush people. 

Keep an eye on our shop windows and pop in and join us in our next endeavour or check out some of our past campaigns below.

Environmental Campaigns

We believe that the Earth is a shared resource for those of us alive now, but a resource which we merely borrow from those that are born after us.  We wish to help ensure that we leave a world worth inheriting, with enough resources left for those behind us to live a full and healthy life.  We help campaign groups who are attempting to stop some of the worst environmental damages happening today.

Animal Campaigns

We never forget that animals cannot speak out for themselves.  Thankfully there are many dedicated people and groups who devote their lives to protecting and helping animals.  We are proud to have been able to work alongside so many of these amazing groups in the vital work they do.

Human Rights Campaigns

At Lush we think that everyone has the right to lead a safe, healthy, fulfilling life. Sadly, not all people can enjoy even this basic human right.  The work done by human rights campaigners is often the hardest work and the biggest hill to climb. We are happy to have sometimes been able to help in some small way in their quest for equality and justice for all.  We stand on the shoulders of giants.

Our Lush Campaign Timeline

2006: Reach
2007: Go Naked and Vegan Day
2008:  Guantanamo (Reprieve), Wash your hands of Palm oil and Sea Shepherd
2009: 13 Soap, ClimateRush, Sinar Mas and Fox Hunting (Hunt Sabs)
2010: Wind power (ecotricity), Vote for animals, Biofuels, Chameleon and Greyhound racing
2011: Tar Sands, Cosmetics Directive, No-one is illegal, Free West Papua, and Norman Baker (Fuel quality directive)
2012: No cop out for wildlife, Lush Prize and Break the bag habit
2013: Climate revolution, Fighting animal Testing, Badger Cull, Drones, and Fracking
2014: Sign of love, Peace pioneers, Badger Cull, Hen Harriers and Deep Sea Bottom Trawling
2015: Gay Is OK, Who Let The Dogs Out
2016: Error 404: Fighting Internet Shoutdowns


We believe that the Earth is a shared resource for those of us alive now.

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