Fighting Animal Testing

Fighting a life-long campaign against the use of animals in testing.

The strength of feeling against this unscientific and cruel practice has not diminished over the years, which means that it is safe to say that Fighting Animal Testing is not just a Lush position and policy, but is a lifetime goal and the core value of our company. Lush will continue to fight animal testing worldwide - to speak out against it, to join with animal campaign groups to publicise it, to lobby against it and to educate around the issues – until animal testing is a thing of the past. 

Our Fighting Animal Testing commitment means that Lush has a variety of positions and policies that both govern our own actions, to ensure that our business practices are free of animal testing, and reach out to the wider world to help eliminate the use of animals in testing worldwide.

To see the various ways we work for animals, please follow the links below for more information.

Lush Ingredients Buying Policy

How we buy our ingredients to best ensure that no animals suffered for their production.

Our policy

Fighting Animal Testing

Read the full story here: Fighting Animal Testing website 

Lush Finished Product Testing

How we test our product formulations to ensure safe products for our customers but no cruelty to animals

Using alternatives

Lush Prize

Using funding from Lush, Ethical Consumer Organisation run an annual prize to reward scientists and educators worldwide who are helping to eliminate animals from toxicity testing

Visit the Lush Prize website

Charity Pot

Charity Pot grants seek to help the amazing people who spend their lives helping animals.

View some of the animal protection groups we have supported with Charity Pot.

We regularly partner with established animal protection groups such as Animal Aid, Humane Society International etc.


REACH is European chemical legislation that governs the import and manufacture of chemicals within Europe.  REACH mandates animal testing in certain conditions, so is of concern to all animal campaign groups and also to companies which strive to adhere to an animal testing free policy. 

The REACH legislation was the largest piece of legislation passed by the EU and so complicated that even after it was law it was not clear how it would be implemented.  It is an evolving piece of legislation and an example of an external pressure on our non animal testing policy.  

Active Against New Legislation

HSI's view on REACH


See more of our Lush policies and positions

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