Call, Consult, & Collect

Hello Thai LUSHIES!   

We’ve got a Call, Consult, & Collect Service!

We have been closely monitoring COVID and are doing our part to protect our customers and staff while also keeping up to date with the Ministry of Health.

We all believe in the importance of social distancing to minimise risk, so we have prepared a way for you to get your usual LUSH goodies safely and efficiently.

With this, you can call in to our stores, let our expert staff help you find the perfect products for you, and decide of a pick-up point. You could also call a carrier to pick the products up for you, or head back over to this website (th.lush.com) to make a purchase online!

If you have any additional questions, or want to contact our Customer Care team, you can do so on Facebook at LUSH Thailand, on Twitter or Instagram @lushthailand, or by email to [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support, and please stay safe out there.  We’ll get through this together!

Contact us at:

Siam Center  :  02 252 0386,  Megabangna  :  02 105 1981,  Central Phuket Floresta  :  076 687 887,  ICONSIAM  :  02 288 0877,  Terminal 21 Pattaya  :  033 252 277,  Terminal 21 Asok  :  063 870 7788,  Chiang Mai Central Festival  :  083 823 8877

Call Consult & Collect LUSH Thailand
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