That wonderful feeling



That wonderful feeling
Rose Asia Gift
Rose Asia Gift

Take a secret path and find yourself in a hidden rose garden. Indulge in this gift full of rose oil and absolute extracted from roses that are hand harvested in Senir, Turkey. Treat skin and lather up to turn your shower into a floral wonderland. This gift is for those who are busy working toward their dreams and need a little extra loving care. How about gifting them a luxurious pamper time with these shower goodies wrapped in paper made from Japanese organic cotton? Cotton "washi" paper is made using traditional papermaking techniques from a combination of organic Japanese cotton stems and recycled paper.

Lush have teamed up with Otento-SUN union who harvest the cotton in order to help preserve the ancient papermaking culture as well as helping their local community recover from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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Inside your gift…
rose jam web
Shower Gel
A kiss from a rose
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