Valentine's 2018: What to buy for people you like

Let’s not beat around the rose bush, or discuss the merits of Valentine’s day for too long. You want the perfect Valentine’s present to please a special someone - whether that’s a partner, crush, bff, or simply someone you wanna make feel fuzzy and warm inside. So here’s a rundown of Valentine’s treats to tickle their fancy - it’s sure to be love at first site.

Kiss Me Quick washcard

Want to make your Valentine’s day card stand out from the rest? Slip a delicious tonka and mimosa washcard between the pages for a sweet surprise that’ll have them thinking about you all day long.

Melt My Heart Massage Bar

Head, shoulders, knees or toes, a massage is so much better than a rose. A caress of sweet Fair Trade organic cocoa butter infused with orange flower absolute and grounding cyprus oil is the perfect way to show you care. Whether it’s a pal who deserves a hand massage, or a partner who could do with a little extra TLC, Melt My Heart massage bar is a true stroke of genius.

Love Box Valentine’s gift

Want to tick the boxes with something they’ll love? Pop them a cherry-filled gift and treat your favourite person to an evening like no other. A wash with sensual jasmine, a scrub with cherry and chocolate, all sealed with a smooth-lipped kiss and a cocoa butter massage that will ensure the evening ends with a bang.

Love Boat bath bomb

If you’re embarking on a new relation-ship, then a sweet orange and lemon oil Love Boat is a sure fire way to float theirs. This cheery little bomb will lift moods and brighten bath waters as it chugs across tubs spreading it’s zesty cargo as it goes.

Lots of Love valentine’s gift box

How much do you love them? If the answer is lots - then this is the gift for you. After all, it does was it says on the… box. Packed with nine loving goodies - this valentine’s gift is all they’ll need to pamper themselves silly. That is if you can bear to give it away - loving yourself is important too!

Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt

Now we all know Valentine’s is about making hearts not breaking them - but when they smell as good as Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt, well something’s gotta give. Crumble this ylang ylang and bergamot bubbler into hot water for a sensual soak that’ll soften skin and warm hearts.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Feeling horny? You’re in luck, this lavender and neroli wonder is the stuff of fantasies - as long as they’re unicorn related that is…

This environmentally-friendly lustre packed wand will create a bubbly unicorn kingdom in your bathroom so you or your bae can float away to cloud nine.

Tender Is The Night Naked Shower Cream

If Valentine’s isn’t the time for getting Naked then when is? Give your sweet this sweet and sensual ylang ylang and jasmine shower cream that’s best enjoyed in the nuddy. Added bonus, you’ll be loving the planet at the same time as this packaging-free lather last longer than packaged shower gels. And remember - sharing showers saves water!

Bespoke Knot Wrap gift

Want to show you know them from head to toe? Choose your own selection of treats and goodies to pamper them silly with a bespoke Knot Wrap gift. Not sure what to buy? Just ask and we’ll offer some special suggestions. Not good at wrapping? We’ll Knot Wrap your gift too so you can give a personalised gift without battling with the Sellotape.

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