Urgent Notice to Vegans and Vegetarians - Product Recall

Dear Valued Customers

•  LUSH Lip Scrubs dated before 21st July 2020 are NOT SUITABLE for vegetarians and vegans. If you have bought one, you can bring it back to any LUSH shop for a refund. If you have purchased it online, please contact [email protected]

•  All stocks have been withdrawn from our shops. Only lip scrubs made in our Japan factory are affected. Replacement stock is on order and will be available soon. Any lip scrubs made after 27th July 2020 will be suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
We are extremely sorry to announce that the sugar supplied to our Japanese factory for our lip scrubs does not meet vegetarian and vegan standards, and we therefore wish to ensure that any vegetarians or vegans who have purchased one from us before 21st July 2020 will stop using it.  The quality and safety of the lip scrubs is not affected, but they have been withdrawn due to not reaching LUSH standards.

We are offering refunds on any lip scrubs made before 21st July 2020, so please bring your products into a LUSH shop for a refund, or email [email protected] if your purchase was made online.

Production of lip scrubs in our Japan factory has stopped, and we have removed all stock from our shops. Once production resumes and we refill our shop shelves, all lip scrubs will be suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

We have reported the issue to our Ethical Auditors so that they are aware of our error. Please note that this only affects products made in our Japan factory.  We believe that there is never any need for animals to be used in cosmetics; the LUSH brands proves this - and it will continue to be our mission when inventing and producing products. We thank you for being part of a cruelty-free lifestyle and for shopping at LUSH, and hope that we can continue to serve you in the future despite this mistake.

We are sorry for this mistake and feel that the most important thing now is to do everything possible to ensure that any vegetarians or vegans who currently have a lip scrub they have purchased from us are alerted to stop using it.  As a completely vegetarian company, we have many vegetarian and vegan staff and customers who share our pledge to never use animal ingredients or animal testing for our products.  So for Lush, staff, customers, and animals too, we never want to get things wrong and make a mistake like this. We therefore want to be completely open and let our vegetarian and vegan customers know not to use the product and to bring back any they have left.

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