Give seas a chance

The Problem

Plastic - from the saviour of the packaging industry to the demise of the oceans.  From micro pellets in bean bags to giant waste containers.  From straws to car interiors, toys and nylon clothing.  Plastic is everywhere in our lives, and now it’s everywhere in the oceans, the cities, and the countryside. It’s poisonous and relatively indestructible! Worst of all is plastic bags - which are used for almost everything we buy, however small or large.

And it’s killing our planet.

Like most countries, Thailand is full of plastic waste. Plastic waste gets washed into canals, drains, rivers. It ends up in the oceans. It kills marine life. Plastic bags take 450 years to decompose, outliving you and me, polluting the oceans and land which are humanity’s main source of food. What are we doing to our world?


The Mission

While there is lots of information spreading awareness, little is being done to make a big change. UK, Chile, Kenya, China, Australia, and others have legislation restraining the use of plastic bags. But Thailand..?

We request and urge the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to pass legislation against free plastic bags in Thailand, charging consumers 2-10 baht for plastic bags.

LUSH Thailand is launching a petition to help stop destroying the future.


The Goal

Cleaning up our oceans is just the first step, but it's a step we should have taken long ago. Passing similar legislation has proven successful in the past, without much inconvenience to consumers.

•  In 2016, figures suggested that UK’s single-use plastic legislation reduced usage by 85% after a 5p (2 baht) charge on bags was introduced.

•  Chulalongkorn, Thammasat, and Mahidol universities have policies on campus, which have caused a successful reduction in plastic bag use.

•  The LA Times reported in 2017 that when it came to bans of single-use plastic, the public adapted quickly and conveniently to legislation with barely any uproar or complaints.

We must act now! Step up and join this growing global movement! Sign the petition! Be a part of the new vision! Save the oceans for your children and their future!



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